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Diesel Portable Air Compressor Advantages:
Use Germany KAPP machine and German manufacturing technique to process the compression element, the components manufactured to the highest standards and precision aligned roller-bearings ensure long service life with maximum reliability.
Heavy-duty CUMMING diesel engine for extended operation.
Excellent components, for example, Siemens electronics for high performance.
Automatic operation system helps the operator to master the operating skills quickly, unattended operation and remote control are available.
Conform to CE, ISO 9001 and energy saving certification, etc.
Applications: mining, hydro power, oil and gas exploitation, borehole, shipyard, construction, chemical industry, quarry, sandblasting, pipeline pressure test, public works, etc.

Dimensions (without tow bar)
Wheel qty
Size and No. of outlet valve
Diesel engine
Rated power
Engine speed (nominal)
Engine speed (unloaded)
Engine oil capacity
Coolant capacity
Srorage battery current CCA
Fuel tank capacity
Compressed air vessel capacity
Lubricant capacity
Vertical, in-line, Water-cooled, 4-stroke, Direct injection
Turbocharging, Charge air cooling
“*)Free air delivery in accordance with ISO 1217 : 2009, Annex C: Absolute intake pressure 1 bar (a), cooling and air intake temperature 20°C.
Note: Skid-mounted type is available."